Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Vaulty?

Vaulty is an innovative decentralized app (DAPP) that brings yield farming to the world of NFTs. That means that by staking your assets in Vaulty, you’ll earn amazing interest rates or earn NFT rewards!

Why should I use Vaulty?

Vaulty uses optimized yield farming techniques to automatically earn you more interest. Vaulty also has a separate pool that earns you NFT rewards. The project’s NFT rewards are the first of its kind and a unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else. By not using Vaulty, you’re missing out on the NFT rewards you could earn.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. A regular, fungible, token is not unique and is hence interchangeable with other tokens of its kind. For example, you could trade a Bitcoin with someone for another Bitcoin and they’d still be equal in value. Non-fungible tokens are different because they are each unique. Think of them like baseball cards that are serial numbered. A card that is number 1 of 200 is different than card 2 of 200. Because each card is unique, it is considered non-fungible.

NFTs work the same way in crypto. One could mint 200 of a token and make each one unique. Similar to the baseball cards, token 1 of 200 is different than token 2 of 200. Each NFT is unique.

You can learn more about NFTs in our dedicated article here.

What’s a yield optimizer?

Yield optimizers are DAPPs that automate the process of earning interest on users’ assets while using various strategies to maximize returns. Yield optimizers usually earn interest on users’ assets through lending platforms or providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges.

How does Vaulty work?

Similar to other yield optimizers, Vaulty uses your deposited tokens to earn interest while using various strategies to maximize returns. For example, Vaulty uses auto-compounding strategies to let you earn interest on your rewards, growing your tokens exponentially. In addition, Vaulty pays out $LANTTI tokens which can be used to purchase NFTs from Vaulty’s gallery.

Do NFTs have a future?

While it has taken a few years for NFTs to see more adoption, NFTs are only going to gain more popularity as they become even more mainstream to the public. Like trading cards, NFTs are collectible. However, unlike paper trading cards, NFTs can also have functionality. This brings a whole new aspect and meaning to collecting since it now has limitless potential uses.

Technical Questions

What is the $VLTY token?

$VLTY is the native utility token for the Vaulty project. The token is tradable on platforms like Pancake Swap and can also be staked to earn rewards.

What is $LANTTI?

$LANTTI tokens are rewards gained by staking assets in Vaulty. You can use your $LANTTI tokens to purchase NFTs from the Vaulty gallery. $LANTTI tokens are an internal token and can’t be transferred.

How do the pools work?

Vaulty has several pools that you can deposit assets. Vaulty’s NFT pools allow you to stake $VLTY tokens or VLTY-WBNB LP tokens (liquidity proving tokens) to earn $LANTTI. This $LANTTI can be used to purchase any NFTs from Vaulty’s NFT gallery. Vaulty also has profit sharing pools that let you stake $VLTY or LP tokens to earn more $VLTY. You can learn more about the pools and compare them here.

Why is Vaulty built on the Binance Smart Chain and not the Ethereum chain?

Among many other reasons, Vaulty is built on the BSC mainly because it has drastically lower transaction fees. These lower transaction fees allow anyone to use Vaulty and not only whales.

What is impermanent loss?

Some of Vaulty's pools allow users to stake LP tokens (liquidity providing tokens). These tokens are gained by providing liquidity to PancakeSwap between $VLTY and $WBNB tokens. You can learn more about minting LP tokens here.

By providing liquidity, there is a risk that you could lose value if the two assets were to diverge in value relative to each other. Understanding why this happens is slightly confusing and takes some time to understand. Learn more

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