Vaulty Overview

What is Vaulty

Vaulty is a DAPP (decentralized app) that lets users stake tokens to earn interest and rewards. The program is designed to give users the most optimal returns without inherent headaches. Vaulty makes earning rewards easy while getting more than you would be able to get otherwise. Features like auto-compounding mean that your returns are automatically re-invested for you every 10 minutes.

Vaulty also is the only yield optimizer that lets users earn NFT rewards. The concept of earning NFT rewards through yield optimizers is brand new to the crypto industry. Vaulty is proud to be pioneering this new path of combining both niches.


Vaulty has two different types of tokens: $VLTY and $LANTTI. These two tokens are very different and each serves a unique purpose.

$VLTY Tokens

$VLTY is the main token used by the Vaulty system. Users can use stake $VLTY tokens to earn NFT rewards or more $VLTY through the Vaulty DAPP's revenue. $VLTY tokens also act as a governance token for the project.

$LANTTI Tokens

$LANTTI is different than $VLTY because it is an internal token. It can not be traded on exchanges and can only be earned through staking. $LANTTI tokens are used to purchase NFTs in the Vaulty NFT gallery.


LP tokens are minted by providing liquidity between $VLTY and $WBNB on PancakeSwap. These tokens represent liquidity and can be redeemed for the underlying assets. In exchange for providing liquidity, LP token holders receive rewards through trading fees. You can learn how to mint your own in this tutorial.

Providing liquidity comes with the inherent risk of impermanent loss. Do your own research and understand the risks before proceeding. Learn more

Staking Vaults

Vaulty has a variety of different vaults that each have unique rewards. You can use this table to learn about the different types of vaults and the rewards they can earn you!

This pool allows you to stake $VLTY tokens to earn $LANTTI. You can then use your earned $LANTTI to purchase NFTs from Vaulty's NFT gallery.

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