Stake to VLTY-BNB LP Vault to increase your LP tokens automatically.

Additionally you will get rewards in $VLTY tokens

i.e. users will grow their LPs by auto-compound feature(small part of VLTY to be sold into BNB and create LPs). Thus, making APY income. Also, users will earn VLTY on the top.

Auto-compound period for VLTY-BNB AUTO equals 24 hours.

Create LP

First of all you need to create LP tokens.

Open VLTY-BNB LP vault details by clicking on vault.

Then you need to scroll down to the and click "Create LP". It will open PancakeSwap site.

When PancakeSwap site is opened, connect your wallet.

When you have connected your wallet, enter amount of tokens you would like to use for creating LPs.

Staking into the vault

When you have created LP tokens, go to VLTY-BNB LP and click "Deposit" button with desirable amount for staking. From here amount your of your LP tokens will grow by auto-compounding feature.


When you have staked LP tokens you can withdraw those by entering amount of LP tokens you want to withdraw by typing in and clicking "Withdraw" button.

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